Arusha National Park

With a National Park nearby and the magnetic presence of Mount Meru, Arusha is more than just a stage of safaris to the Serengeti, especially since the destination has a varied accommodation, Charming lodges in ancient coffee plantations.

It is there, very close, lying like a wild animal in a dark blue shade, and it is it that makes Arusha what it is: other than a calm and green city, lined with coffee plantations at 1500 meters of altitude; More than a clean city, headquarters of the East African Community and the United Nations International Tribunal for the Rwandan Genocide; And finally, much better than a simple starting point for safaris to the Serengeti … For if, from the outset, the look looks for the famous white collar of Kilimanjaro – the neighbor of 120 km! -, Is actually the dark and crenelated mass of Mount Meru which throws the strongest presence on the city … A question of proximity, obviously, because the suburbs almost touch the flanks of the sleeping volcano, but there is more … The relief of the mountain Has beautifully cut out its form of horseshoe in the verdant Arusha National Park, nevertheless, as soon as one returns to the city, it is the fawn that takes again the top. One feels it lurking, massive, Severe, worrying, and not just

of its 4,566 meters in height which make it the fifth summit of Africa. No ! This Meru, though Extinct, still seems to ruminate. It seems never to have resigned itself to the Quietness of his new existence, him who spat for the last Times the fire in 1910, which many burnt walls, and who now sees men climb on the cone to Go to admire the Kilimanjaro …

Ah, the delicacy! Nobody would endure this, it is human, and if the Meru nevertheless consents to put his point of view at the service of the competitor, he makes it expensive to pay climbers, sometimes on stiff dungeons, and especially on the third day when it is necessary to calli the most trained more than 6 hours to make 5 kilometers, he, muted, reveling efforts deployed, because all this why in the end? … For a misery, take a quick look at the white Kili, flat like a back, cold like a dead man!

It is around Mount Meru, 25 km from the city, that the Arusha National Park, the smallest and least visited park in northern Tanzania, extends. On 137 km2, of course, it cannot offer the majesty of its big neighbors, and yet, particularly in the vicinity of the 7 lakes of Momela, there are numerous animals, hippos, giraffes, zebras, buffalos, while the Ngurdoto crater, 3 km in diameter, entirely covered with vegetation, is the playground Favorite of colobus, these funny mischievous monkeys living in trees, a black gray coat with white trains and a smart face embedded in a squared Santa’s beard … This is a delicious foretaste of safaris, especially as around Arusha, charming, buried lodges in gardens or nestled in the heart of plantations, know perfectly put in the mood!

Where to sleep in Arusha?