Excursions Zanzibar Excursions Historical Stone Town Tour


Duration: Half day

  Come in the footsteps of the sultans , slaves and explorers in the winding streets of Stone Town. In this tour , your guide will delve into the events that shaped Zanzibar and leads you into buildings that bear witness to history, such as the former Slave Market or is the Anglican Cathedral , the House of Wonders , Old Fort Arabic, old doors and other attractions.

  You walk through the past and this walking tour also opens a window on modern life of Stone Town. You are browsing the market , enjoy seafood and stacked on carts fish market fish , smell the smell of fresh bread neatly arranged in wicker baskets and enjoy perfect piles of fruits and vegetables on the states merchants. Children play in the streets of residential neighborhoods , moms enjoy the moment and sit around and talk to each other while the men play games.

  The city tour is very flexible. It can adapt to your liking , depending on your interests and schedules centers , depending on whether you ‘re a fan of shopping , thirsty culture or history buff . If you prefer to find antiques, browse the souvenir shops, follow the footsteps of David Livingstone in Zanzibar and walk the path of the slave trade , your guide will show you the best routes and recommend the best choice to enable you to optimize your time and make the most of your stay.


  Shoes closed walking or hiking shoes
  Be respectful of the population and Take care you dress conservatively in Stone Town
  Women should keep their shoulders covered and wear long skirts or pants