Kitesurfing In East Coast Zanzibar


Kite surf is developing more and more.

  It is becoming one of the most popular sports in Zanzibar and the world. Travel request for this sport are increasing as well. Because people they practice this sport in their own country, and they also want to do it for holiday. So they look for holiday destination with WIND. Zanzibar is becoming popular, because:

1) wind conditions are good:
  North wind (KASKAZI) approx from 15th December to 15th April, every year Morning time this wind blows parallel to the beach, while in the evening it turns on-shore. Although the speed varies: some days really higher speed wind. South wind (KUSI) approx from 15th June to 15th October, every year Morning time the wind has a speed of 15 to 18 knots, whereas at dusk the speed rises to 18 to 25 knots.

2) beach in the East coast is enough to provide space to launch the kite

3) coral reef is good for kite-surfing on the waves, with good “down-wind” trips

come without and rent it at the kite centre.

  Sandies Mapenzi Beach Club, 4 star resort
  Neptune Pwani Beach, 5 star resort
  Dream of Zanzibar ,5 star resort

  These resorts are located in East coast area, one of the best spots on the island, because:

1) the beach is big enough, and there is a kite centre well established with already 5 year experience. (it means the spot is good, the wind and sea conditions are good)

2) with high tide and low tide, the sea is no more than 2 mt, deep: it will give “flat water” conditions, amazing for tricks, wake stile; as well is the best for learn this sport, for beginners, for advance.

3) the reef is close enough to allow expert and non-expert to practice kite-surf on the waves, not very far from the island, in good safe conditions.

The guest can bring their own equipment, or they can come without and rent it at the kite centre.

  from Sandies Neptune Pwani Beach: 2 minutes walking

  from Diamonds Dream of Zanzibar: 5 minutes walking

  from Sandies Mapenzi Beach Club: 7minutes walking

it is good for groups of kiters, which can organize at the centre different type of activities
It is good for single kiters, which will find a friendly school where meet other guest and practice kite all together.