Lake Manyara National Park

Ernest Hemingway – who knew of it in natural wonders – said of Manyara that it is the most beautiful lake in Africa … Who could doubt it, as the place knows how to play delicate colors, between sky and water, in the Serenity of a National Park that acts as a paradise for hundreds of species of birds.

  It is here that, when climbing the trees, the lions began to ape the leopards. But this is not the only quirk of Manyara, for here too there are monkeys that have funny colors; There are greens, there are blues, and crowds of Baboons livbng in colonies of hundreds of heads … However, the great feature of the place is water. It is she who composes two-thirds of the National Park, abandoning to the land of Manyara the congruent portion, which is hung at the top of the lake like a stocky eyebrow on an exaggerated eye … Hemingway said of Manyara that it is the most beautiful lake of Africa, and nobody has certainly want to contradict this immense hunter of beauties! For example, in the early morning, when the hills that surround the expanse gently lean their muzzles towards the shore, in a retreating night that has become almost white, and thousands roll down the slopes of the round heads.

  As for and verdigris, whose feet one does not see, but which seem to roll up on the sandy shores while the water goes to melt in the opposite direction in a sky of milk … There is Here unusual calmness. As is unheard of this coincidence that lives Manyara completely dry for the first time in 1961, pile to the death of Hemingway …

  More recently, in 2004, another drought also drove the water away, sparing no puddle and decimating thousands of pink flamingos. Fortunately, great girl, nature knows how to recover from such a failure: a little rain, and it starts again! The rocky escarpment, which marks the beginning of the Rift Valley, has quickly become a sanctuary for all wildlife, especially for the 400 species of birds that move freely around the area, including impressive colonies of storks , Moreover delighted with the return of the flamingos. When on land, if the predators have adapted to the dense forest of the environment, we find here all the great animals of East Africa in spite of the modest area of the place (325 km2), number of giraffes, elephants , Of buffalo, perfectly at their ease in the clearings or marshes …

  Consequence of the relative narrowness of Manyara, or its hesitant situation between the Ngorongoro and the Tarangire: the hotel development was here extremely limited, the quasitotality of the lodges being located outside the Park, perched on the surrounding heights, few of them, one of very great luxury, having the safaris take the taste of unusual things, the presence of water and immutable majesty contributing to make them very different from the others, and that’s very good: in northern Tanzania, the quasi-smallest of the parks is a great pleasure!

Where to sleep?

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