Tarangire National Park

It is carved for the giants … The baobabs are here so huge that we have sometimes made lodges, and the elephants form impressive flocks. Tarangire, it’s heavy! But it is also a park of extreme beauty, between savanna, hills, river and swamp…

  Some can reach a thousand years, sometimes two thousand. They are known to have a truncated trunk and branches gourd like roots, they are without leaves months out of twelve, and that is why they are commonly called upside down trees. There are whole forests here in the north of Tarangire! Forests of baobab trees, of all sizes and shapes. Some can measure twenty meters in height, ten meters in diameter, and of course, they take care to leave between them the space that is suitable to maintain in peace their embargpoints of Gargantua.

  In fine weather, they make like their normal companions, flowers. Except that they are pendent, not erect, and produce curious oblong fruits covered with a dehydrated pulp, rich in vitamins and calcium. They are called “monkey breads”. And it is true that the apes love it … Like other species, apparently, since in July 2008 the Community European has authorized the sale of the fruit to its 350 million two-legged mammals, arguing in particular the refreshing virtue of the seeds when they are soaked in water …

So! The elephants had not waited so long to make a direct profit from the large trees of the savannah. For a long time they had been cheerfully dipping their trunk, taking advantage of any cavity gray bark to dig a deep hole and suck a good beer from these tender wooden trunks, which they know are gorged with water. To each his bar! In some parts of the world, it is a baobab that must be known Keep for thirst! It is also during the dry months that the visit of Tarangire is the best for the safaris … From June to October and from January to March, concentrate in fact the most strong colonies of animals, hitherto scattered in the plains many territories. It must be said that the Tarangire is not the least of the parks of the immense Maasai ecosystem, it is even absolutely magnificent, not too in the north, with beautiful hills sloping gently down towards the Tarangire River, which, here and there, carves a spectacular bed from one end of the park to the other, very strongly encased and often bordered by sand. On the plateau, the land is rich, very rich, and of a magnificent red, bristling here and there with termites more commonly more high than men. Long after the rains, vegetation can still be generous, green at will, feeding day by day on the water stored in the soil throughout the full months of rain. Foreseeing, the Tarangire It never fails to add by covering the surface of copious floods. In the event that! … No wonder then, that in what is in the Tarangire their paradise from above, meet punctually all the great Wild animals of eastern Africa, elk, oryx, defassas, bubal, kudu, impalas, giraffes, zebras, not to mention elephants, sometimes moving here herds of more than three hundred head. As for the pataugeurs, they also have their favorite corner, a paradise from below in some sort, the Silale, a huge swamp occupying almost the entire south of the territory. Here too, life is plentiful: more than three hundred species of birds, kingfishers, Goliath herons, royal cranes, serpents, sacred ibis, jabirus, including “brown eye” and “madame with the yellow eye”, shadows, tantalums, marabouts, Decken hornbills, martial eagles, falcons … And pythons, carpet in the grass. And the tsetse fly, ambushed all over. It is because of this population of men has always been of relatively low density in the region, our believing species visibly better things to do than to fall asleep, and it is in traps that are tending around lodges of large fabric ends like flags of supporters, always a black mixed blue or brown – because the beast loves the dark, the whole being copiously Impregnated with insecticide … There obviously no reason to doubt the stratagem, but a advice: do not forget the cream if you go through there!

Where to sleep in Tarangire?

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